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Make a reservation

Select your details and we’ll try get the best seats for you

Please note the following:

  • Reservations for dinner are highly recommended for Thursday, Friday and Saturday dinner service. 

  • Reservations for parties with more than 4 people are recommended and must be done by phone, email, or in person at least 1 day prior to the reservation.

  • Same-day reservations are not guaranteed.

  • Tables with more than 5 persons will be charged a mandatory 20% gratuity.

  • Reservations with 6 or more persons are required to place a pre-order for the meal.

  • All tables will be limited to one and a half hours.

  • Special occasions including, but not limited to Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, will be limited to seating at 5pm and 6:30pm where reservations are limited to 1.5 hours.

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